When We Die Moves to Beta Testing

We are excited to announce the release of the latest playtest ruleset for When We Die. The game has moved from alpha to beta testing, and you can download the ruleset for free from DriveThruRPG.


The world changed forever when LPS-B22 arrived. A bacterial infection that swept across the globe and killed 4 out of 5 of the world’s population. Any of those infected who didn’t die straight away were left in a mindless, shambling state, terrifyingly similar to the classic “zombie” of folklore. The media, and those survivors who avoided infection, called these zombies “vectors” (after the term “infection vector”), but quickly they became known just as vecks. Before long, people were calling LPS-B22 the Vector Plague.
The Vector Plague was the deadliest pandemic in human history. Despite all the government efforts to contain the outbreak, every measure they took failed. Nobody did what they were supposed to do. Total denial, refusal to take it seriously. Panic and chaos. Law and order vanished overnight.
When We Die uses a tactical narrative system that places success or failure directly in your hands. With a unique Resilience-based dice system, you decide whether it’s worth using up your physical and emotional resources to ensure success; resources you may well need to survive the days ahead.
The core mechanics uses a pool of dice based on a character’s abilities, with the player trying to roll as many 6’s as possible. Didn’t roll enough? That’s OK – just spend Resilience and results of 4 and 5 can count as 6’s. Just don’t spend too freely… when you run out of Resilience, it tends to hurt!
Download from DriveThruRPG Here:

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