When We Die – Alpha Playtest is now released

We’re VERY excited to announce that The Alpha Playtest for “When We Die” is now available for download exclusively on DriveThruRPG. As with most of our products, we will prioritize releasing updates to our Discord and mailing list members before sharing them on social media. Our primary release date to the rest of the world will be January 2024.

When We Die is a zombie apocalypse with a difference. Faced with an ecosystem on the verge of irreversible corruption, the few surviving humans must come together and do what they can to not only save themselves from the zombie menace, but also save the food-web from imminent collapse.

When We Die uses a tactical narrative system that places success or failure directly in your hands. With a unique Resilience-based dice system, you decide whether it’s worth using up your physical and emotional resources to ensure success; resources you may well need to survive the days ahead.

The Typhon game system uses a pool of dice based on a character’s abilities, with the player trying to roll as many 6’s as possible. Didn’t roll enough? That’s OK – just spend Resilience and results of 4 and 5 can count as 6’s. Just don’t spend too freely… when you run out of Resilience, it tends to hurt!

Download here!

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