The Lair of the Leopard Empresses RPG

Superheroic Swords and Sorcery Adventure!
A roleplaying game by Sarah Newton

A whole new world for your Monsters! Monsters! games.

“It is the fiftieth year since the Sheathing of the Claw. Goblins cross fallen Helwathe, and Lord Crying-Death-on-Wings stands ready to invade. We trust to chance for our saviours – but where are the heroes who will save our land?”

Welcome to Ximuria, the Lair of the Leopard Empresses! Where the Kindreds of the Cat battle the return fo the Winged Serpent, where the Justiciars of a long-dead warrior queen vie with cannibalistic leopard-riding elves for the thrones of the West, and where mighty wizards wield arcane magics to forge the future!

Contains everything you need to play, including:

  • Exciting kindreds and callings. Play a tiger centaur, a leopard-riding elf, a beastwalker of the sabretooth tribe, and more!
  • The core Monsters! Monsters! rules, and many new elaborations!
  • Full spell lists, including many new spells!
  • A complete Ximurian bestiary!
  • Maps, gazetteers, and encounters for Ximuria, the Wilderness of Toth, and the Free City of Halagad.
  • And much more!

A complete stand-alone swords & sorcery fantasy roleplaying game using the Monsters! Monsters! RPG rules. One of the Monsters! Monsters! family of games.

The illustrations used in this book were drafted and initially generated by a professional artist using the commercial version of the Midjourney tool, then manually manipulated, assembled, corrected, and processed in post-production by the same artist. No artist names were used in prompts. All illustrations were paid for at the RPG market rate. 


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