Monsters & Magic Roleplaying Game

OLD SCHOOL FANTASY – NEW SCHOOL PLAY – Welcome to MONSTERS & MAGIC, an “Old School Renaissance” fantasy roleplaying game with a difference! Combining the atmosphere of classic fantasy games with modern RPG mechanics, Monsters & Magic lets you use old school fantasy gaming material with little or no conversion with a new and innovative set of rules. Battle giants, defeat dragons, explore deadly dungeons and mysterious wilderlands — and bring your favourite adventures, supplements, spellbooks, and bestiaries to brilliant new life!

In this book you’ll find a full-featured fantasy roleplaying game, including:
    • the Effect Engine, a modular open-license rules system
    • action-packed adventure from 1st to 20th level and beyond
    • rules for castles, kingdoms, guilds, and warships
    • Silvermoon, an introductory adventure for levels 1-4
    • new rules for alignment, hazards, encounters, treasures, epic and mythic gaming, and more!
    • 140 pages, Black & White interior.
Dust off your spell book, polish that suit of +1 plate armour, and unsheath your vorpal blade. Adventure awaits! 
Monsters & Magic is a complete fantasy roleplaying game – you need nothing else to play.
Note that while Monsters & Magic is a complete standalone game, featuring rules which can take you to 20th level and beyond, it’s also specifically designed to work with your favourite classic fantasy bestiaries and spell books. As such, it contains 1st and 2nd level spells and just over 20 sample monsters – enough to cater for your first 4 or so levels of play. Although the rules can take you much further, you’ll want to use your own classic bestiaries or spellbooks for higher level characters, or any of those available for free online!
Other Monsters & Magic products in development include:
– All Under Heaven — Oriental Monsters & Magic.
– The Heroic Companion — Hero Scale Adventures for Monsters & Magic.
– The Horror of Haugling Hall — a Monsters & Magic adventure for levels 1-4.


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