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‘When We Die’ the RPG

 When We Die is a zombie apocalypse with a difference. Faced with an ecosystem on the verge of irreversible corruption, the few surviving humans must come together and do what they can to not only save themselves from the zombie menace, but also save the food-web from imminent collapse.

When We Die is set in three distinct time periods. Outbreak is the first, where civilisation is on the verge of collapse and the dead have started to rise. Infection is the second, where civilisation is a story to be revived. Extinction is the third, where the infection has overwhelmed the world, and if not addressed immediately, will leave the survivors starving in the face of infected crops and animals alike.

When We Die uses a tactical narrative system that places success or failure directly in your hands. With a unique Resilience based dice system, you decide whether it’s worth using up your physical and emotional resources to ensure a success; resources you may well need to survive the days ahead.


Complete Quickstart, estimated release early 2024


Coming to Kickstarter late 2024


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Three Time Periods

When We Die is set over three time periods. These are Outbreak, Infection (around 10 years later) and Extinction (roughly 20 years later).

The later the period the harder the games are, and you will also find the dynamics of the world, factions and the zombies changing. Each time period offers a different world to play in. This also creates more long term play, with the possibility of characters becoming older and facing the increasing horrors of a crumbling world.


The world of When We Die is bleak, a silent, shattered place. The art of this setting reflects a lonely and desolate place where empty buildings slowly rot and crumble, abandoned vehicles rust silently in fields of weeds, and the scattered bones of the dead crunch underfoot.


The Typhon game system uses a pool of dice based on a character’s abilities, with the player trying to roll as many 6’s as possible. Didn’t roll enough? That’s OK – just spend Resilience and results of 4 and 5 can count as 6’s. Just don’t spend too freely… when you run out of Resilience, it tends to hurt!

More thAn Just Zombies

While When We Die is set firmly in a zombie apocalypse. These shambling things are only part of the world. The real villains are the opportunists looking to rule the broken world. New factions seeking to become governments have risen; whether you serve one, or are indeed trying to survive independently will be key to seeing tomorrow.

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Typhon Games

What We Do

 At Typhon Games, we understand the power of storytelling. Our team of talented developers and designers work closely with acclaimed authors to create unforgettable narratives, rich characters, and breath-taking worlds. From fantasy realms filled with mythical creatures to thrilling sci-fi adventures in distant galaxies, we offer a diverse range of gaming experiences tailored to all tabletop role playing game fans.
Our team is made up of three of the industries heavy weights, so we can provide the community the attention to details in our game world, highest quality art and a book that always look great on your coffee table. We ensure that every aspect of the game captures the essence of the theme, truly immerse, fully game tested and allows the players to make choices that shape their own unique journey.


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If you’re a member of the press, a YouTube creator, or a streamer, please reach out to us as we provide exclusive content.

Meet The Team

Our core team is made up of three industry heavyweights who have worked on games such as Hellboy, SLA Industries, John Carter; and our artist who produced Marvel, Star Wars, Dungeon and Dragons, and Middle Earth illustrations; and Producers of the Terminator RPG, Corporation and the Conan RPG